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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Achieve Your Goals

No matter if your goal is to increase your sales, your production, achieve a personal qualification or train your whole team, we at Alnew International are here to assist you in all the steps necessary for you to reach your goal.

 Increase Your Profits

Companies exist to make people's lives better.
Without money, there is no way for a company to carry out its mission. 
Alnew is here to help you increase your profits.

 Have More Control

Count on us to guide you and to provide you with the right tools so you can have more control over your production, your marketing, the management of your company or your personal finances. 


In the business world, growth is not an option, but a necessity. Count on us to help you each step of the way and celebrate with you each of your victories.

Who We Are

With more than 100 years of combined experience of its managers and partnership with strong international companies, ALNEW INTERNATIONAL aims to be the support for the growth of your company as well as for the growth and protection of your personal assets.
With countless clients served by the group in the United States, Brazil, and Europe, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of with professionalism, competence, and speed.
Our companies concentrate their knowledge in specific areas so they can master them but, together, they can offer a holistic approach to any situation, always looking for the solution with the best cost/benefit for the client.
ALNEW areas of expertise are:
- Financial Service (Investments, Insurance, and Legal Services for companies, their employees, and their families).
- Services for Senior Citizens (Investments, Insurance, Transfer of Wealth, Legal Services, and Cemetery & Funeral Pre-arrangements).
- Digital Marketing (Websites, Lead Generation, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, etc.)
- Small Business Consulting (Identification of opportunities to grow or problems that are affecting the company's profits).
- Training (Online courses and teaching material - books and e-books - in various areas)
- CAD/CAM software (the oldest BobCAD-CAM distributor in Brasil) 

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Our Main Services

Financial Services

Small Business Consulting

Senior Citizens Advocate

Digital Marketing

Courses & Books

Financial Analyst 

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Our Clients Say

These are just a small sample of the countless Alnew satisfied customers.
It's time for you too to have a great experience. Contact us.

Wilson S.

"The purchase process of the BobCAD-CAM was done entirely by phone and email. The service was impressive from the first contact because the focus was always on the needs of my company and never on the profit they would have. The after-sales is above my expectations until today. "

Rosane G.
Life Coach

"I am super happy to have found Alnew. They saved me from marketing pitfalls and reconfigured my entire website. They helped me reorganize my online programs and offerings with an attractive design that are simple and connect with my target audience.
I totally recommend ."

Márcio K.
Account Manager

"My wife and I were guided on how to achieve our financial goals, always with patience and attention. The care with us went beyond our expectations. If you want to have financial tranquility, don't miss this opportunity. We already recommended it to several people."

Ana D. (PhD)
Interior Designer

"I took two CAD courses at Alnew Training. It was a good choice because the service from the entire team was always excellent and I had a great experience. The instructor transmitted immense confidence and knowledge. There were no questions that were not answered. I recommend."

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